I Witnessed A Soul Coming Into This World!   
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Since my experience, I've had a few visions. It's been over a year since I actually
had one; but I had one recently.

A co-worker was having trouble getting pregnant. She had tried many fertility
intervention options which had failed. As far as I knew, she had given up and was
pursuing surrogacy (where someone else carries the baby for her).

One day I was standing next to her and I saw a small orb of glowing light enter
her pelvic area. I felt a very powerful emanation of joy and love from this little light.
I was stunned!  I knew she was pregnant!  I have always wondered when the soul
entered, but never imagined I would actually witness such a blessed event!

Apparently she had re-tried en vitro fertilization, unbeknown to me. She
announced a week and a half later that she was pregnant.  I told her what I saw,
but I told her it was a dream (she would think I was nuts if I told her I saw it

She has had some difficulties, but I know the pregnancy will succeed. I felt the will
of the little soul who is to be her child.

Well, just thought I'd share this latest vision.

God's grace be with you All...

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