Spirit Pics

It seems that spirit pics evolved into becoming even more bizarre. If it wasn't a dead President appearing behind his wife, it was spirit pics of strange stuff appearing out of medium's bodies.

About the Spirit Pics on This Page (in order, first to last)

  1. Famous William Mumler spirit pic of Mary Todd Lincoln with President Abraham Lincoln appearing behind her. Mumler was famous for creating spirit pics of people with their deceased loved ones appearing in the background. Mumler maintained his spirit pics were authentic, but his critics hailed him as a fraud.
  2. Spirit pics soon became more interesting as mediums claimed to be able to have what they deemed as "ectoplasm" physically ooze out of different orifices on their body. This spirit pic is of Jack Webber producing this strange effect.
  3. Scottish medium Helen Duncan with ectoplasm forming into the shape of a baby.
  4. The medium Stanislava had her hands and head tightly veiled and was still able to produce this ectoplasmic effect.
  5. Full-bodied ectoplasmic person appearing in front of relatives through medium Minnie Harrison.