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The following words are defined spiritually to assist one in understanding truths hidden in the
Bible - New and Old Testament.  When reading scripture, try replacing the word with the spiritual
definition for it given below and see what happens to the meaning of the passage!

Angels - messengers from either side of the grave; they are mankind either "fallen" or
"enlightened" which bring a message, either from the carnal mind or the mind of the Spirit..
Ascend/Ascension - to come up "higher" in the search for truth.
Bethlehem - "The House of God;" mankind.  Where did the wise men find Christ?  The same
place wise men still find Him today...in Bethlehem...in you (Christ in you, the hope of glory!)
Born-again - A change in perspective that occurs when one begins to believe that he (or she)
may be able to hear God for himself (or herself) and begins looking anew inwardly to the leading
of the Holy Spirit, and no longer outwardly for truth.
Bride - One who is following the leading of the Holy Spirit from within.
Christ - God and man operating as One.
Crucify - to kill the idea of God and man operating as One.
Darkness - lack of understanding; trapped in mis-thinking.
Death/Dead - to be separate from God in your mind; the state of having believed you are
separate from God.
Devil - the carnal mind.  One who is outwardly led by the physical realm through the mind and
five senses.
Dragon - religious system; religion.
Earth - the physical realm including the physical body.
Faith - more than belief; to inwardly or spiritually know.
Fall - the occurrence which happened in the Garden of Eden.  Known as "the fall of man."  When
man saw himself less than One with God, the "Fall" took place within the mind of man.  See
Fallen - to speak, act or operate as led by the carnal mind and five senses...contrary to being
enlightened, which is to speak, act or operate through the leading of the Holy Spirit from within
the person.
Father - the name Jesus often referred to as God, due to the personal relationship between
them, developed within; the Creator or "Father" of all that is, including Divine thought.
Fear - the opposite of love, yet is not real or eternal.  Fear is the root of religion & separation.  
Guilt, condemnation, anger, anxiety & hate are all forms of fear.
Fire - God.  God is represented as fire throughout the scriptures when one is in opposition to
truth.  Fire is used to purify.
Forgiveness - to let go and be released from the bondage of the past and live in the now.
God - the "Father," in whom we dwell and have our being...Life.  
Golgotha - "place of the skull;" a term representing the human mind or simply put, "in your head
or between your ears."
Gospel - good news; truth.
Grave - the crossing over from the physical body and physical realm unto the spiritual realm.
Heaven - the "higher" place; the realm of spirit.
Hell - the state of mind believing it is separate from God and others; trapped in beliefs contrary
to truth on either side of the grave.
Holy Spirit - Truth; the Spirit of Truth; the thoughts and mind of God; Divine thought.
Jesus - name means Jehovah-saved or "I Am" saved; Jesus represents who mankind really is, a
Son of God.
Kingdom - everything.
Law - another's interpretation of who or what they believe God to be; second-hand
knowledge...not a personal, first-person experience with God or truth; a learned belief from
another concerning what they believe to be truth concerning the relationship between God and
Light - truth; what is true or the revealer of what is real.
Mystery - the truth of God and man as One; and not separate from each other.
Now - Today.  What truly exists, exists Now, or Today.  The Past no longer exists and the Future
is not in existence; to live in the Past or Future is to be bound in illusion.  What is true and eternal
exists Today...Now and always will.
Pearl - truth.
Pharisee - a religious leader who is not teaching truth, but is blind to the same and leading
others down the same wrong path.  He is concerned more with what he has been taught by man
and the success of his local assembly (synagogue or church).
Religion - man's (or another's) false beliefs and teachings regarding God and His relationship
with mankind; appears as truth, but is the "broad way which leads unto destruction."
Repent - to change one's mind; to change one's way of thinking and beliefs.
Resurrection - to be "raised up" again to the higher knowledge of truth that mankind is not
separate from God.
Revelation - the "revealing" of truth or Christ in you...God and man as One.
Salvation - to be free and no longer be trapped in "sin" or "mis-thinking."  To come to know the
truth of God and one's own self.  The re-newing of the mind.
Satan - "adversary;" anything contrary to truth, but specifically the mind of man as led by the
physical realm through the five senses.
Serpent - see "Vipers."
Sin - to err; "miss the mark;" to "mis-think."  A temporary, correctable belief or thought.
Son - one who knows his/her heavenly Father through a relationship from within.
Spirit - that which is alive...God; or a person who has crossed over to the other side and out of
the physical body is often translated as a "spirit."
Stars - angels or messengers.
Stones - "hard words" toward another.  To cast stones or to "stone" someone is to attack with
Tabernacle - See "Temple."
Temple - "the house of God," or mankind...where God's throne is...within the heart or soul of
man.  "God dwells in a temple not made with hands (you!)."
Today - see "now."
Tomb - from the greek word "mnemion," meaning "a place of remembrance;" memory.  A place
where things are hidden within the heart or mind of man.
Truth - that which is eternal and unchangeable; all else is temporary and therefore illusionary;
what "sets one free."
Unforgiveness - bondage to the past; a self-created prison of the mind.
Vipers - snakes, serpents...all the same: religious leaders.
Whore - religion; appears good to the eyes but harms the soul.
Wine - Holy Spirit.
Word - or "Word of God."  The Holy Spirit or "thoughts of God;" not the printed page or Bible.
World - from the greek word "kosmos," from which we get the word "cosmetic."  An illusion.  A
covering which "masks" the truth.

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