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The Jesus Tomb documentary film (The Lost Tomb of Jesus) by James
Cameron and Simcha Jacobovici, released in March 2007 on
Discovery Channel, has shocked the world and has brought many
skeptics to attacking possibly the most amazing discovery in decades.  
Could this be the real Jesus tomb?  Was Jesus' body buried in a tomb
in southern Jerusalem?

The tomb which may have been of Jesus' family was originally
discovered in the spring of 1980 during construction.  The potential
Jesus tomb contained ten ossuaries, with inscriptions on the outside of
many of the small burial boxes.  Unfortunately at the time, the surveyors
and archaeologists only had three days to examine the tomb and the
limestone boxes, which contained the remains of a family.  The
ossuaries were taken to the Israel Antiquities Authority where they
remained for decades in storage.  At the time of their discovery, the
bones were removed from each ossuary and buried somewhere
outside of Jerusalem.  Interestingly, somehow one of the boxes turned
up missing, only to possibly appear in 2006 from a private collection.

Join LC Duplatt and Gabreael of
A Glimpse Through The Veil radio
program for a two-hour discussion concerning the Jesus Tomb.  You
will find out about how The Jesus Tomb could re-write history and will:

1) Hear the discussing of details of The Jesus Tomb discovery
2) Learn the quick history of the rise of traditional christianity
3) Hear Jesus' true message of spirituality that reached the commoner
4) Learn about the religion created after Jesus' ministry
5) Study accounts of Jesus' appearance after three days in the tomb

Listening to the facts and theories regarding The Jesus Tomb find, will
definitely open the mind of those looking for spiritual insight regarding
the rise of christianity and the
Jesus message and ministry.  You can
listen to The Jesus Tomb program now by playing the pod cast below:

The Jesus Tomb Documentary Film Discussion
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