Basement Ghost Photo: Man forming in Ectoplasm

If you look closely, this ghost photo may reveal the beginning formation of an apparition. It appears to be the ghost of a person forming in the ectoplasm, first.

The ghost photo was said to have been taken in a basement. And, we have to admit that the face is pretty awesome.

Some say they see a nun or an angel instead of a man in the picture due to the swirl of mist flowing above its head/face.

(Note: This basement ghost picture was sent in to us, but we were not sure where it came from. A big thanks goes to Bryan Hunt of Indianapolis who let us know it originated from June Houston's Ghost Watcher webcam site. June had 37 ghost cams, putting her New York apartment under video surveillance and giving her one of the most active virtual ghost hunting websites on the Internet back in its day.)

When was this ghost photo recorded? Some say the 1990s, but we cannot be sure.