Gettysburg Apparition Ghost Picture

The building is Smucker Hall, known as "Old Dorm" at Lutheran Seminary. You can see a person's face in the lower right pane of the window, but not until the ghost photo was enlarged did the other faces and torso show up. We were told that Kodak labs have looked at this photo and has had no idea as to what could have created this. If you look close at the two lower panes in the window, you will notice that the left hand pane shows distinctly the trees reflected in it. In the right hand pane, most of the reflection is gone. Sherry Adams had these comments about the Gettysburg apparition:

"The lower right section of the window seems to behold the head and torso of a burned body up against the glass, head facing to the left. In his torso section is also a clear image of a face, and right above it is a dark streak on top of everything else going to the upper right, and to me it looks like a pole was shoved through the burned torso's heart."

Four images were sent in to Angels & Ghosts of the apparition - close-ups, etc.