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Many today debate whether or not ghosts exist, primarily because many have either had, or not had, personal experiences with spirits.  For years, fundamental christianity has further confused the understanding about ghosts, even though ghosts are found within the bible.  Fundamentalists still insist that ghosts are impossible to exist, because they believe that when one dies they must be in either a heaven, or a hell.  Furthermore, fundamental christianity will still teach that there is an "age of accountability" which thus excludes children from ever being in danger of going to an eternal hell of punishment.  Therefore, they reason, all children who physically die are taken up to heaven.  This doctrine is not found within the

bible as claimed, but is an assumption based upon Jesus stating, "Except you become converted and become as little children, you shall not enter into the Kingdom of heaven."  Unfortunately, this bible verse like many others, has been misinterpreted and twisted into meaning something else, other than what was originally intended when it was spoken two thousand years ago.  So, religion has tried to erase the fact of ghost existence.

Despite attempts to misinform society to the contrary, many people claim to believe in, as well as experience, ghosts.  Ghost sightings vary as they have described spirits of both genders, different races and nationalities, being from different time periods, and of course of all ages, young and old - even children.  Are people who have seen ghosts all crazy, or have some of us simply closed our minds to just believing that spirits might exist?  If ghosts exist (and they do), we wish to explore how a child ghost could be possible.

We have explained before that when a person dies, they are typically greeted by loved ones, progress towards light, and experience a life-review.  When children die, it is no different.  Loved ones in spirit will seek to help the child transition to the light. Yet, for various reasons, sometimes a child will not move on and seek to remain behind here with family, friends, a pet, or their former environment.  "But, why?" one might ask.  Often times when a child remains behind, it is due to emotional trauma of some sort.  Perhaps, the child is looking for his or her parents, a brother or sister, a beloved pet, an item that is lost, etc.  Maybe the ghost child experienced a traumatic death, or felt responsible for the death of another, or possibly is unaware that he or she physically died.  After all, the ghost child is still alive, correct? 

Though the reasons and scenarios could be many that cause some children to remain earthbound as ghosts, what needs to be understood most is that being trapped here is not good.  The emotional pain is still felt, along perhaps with loneliness, isolation and a lack of love being felt.  This is what true hell is: a state of mind.  It is a prison that any mind can self-create. 


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If we have the power to dream, if we have the power to hallucinate, if we have the power to create, then what makes some believe that we could not create a believable illusion for ourselves mistakenly?  The mind is very powerful, and can sometimes believe things to be true that are false.

Though a ghosts of children do walk among us, it does not mean people are not trying to help them.  We teach that spirits from the light do come and try and rescue them, but sometimes their attempts fall on deaf ears.  The child ghost may not be able to perceive the helpful spirit, or simply may choose to ignore all help due to a mental focus on the past, or due to fear. Yet, some ghosts of children do seek help, attempting to gain the attention of those of us in the physical world.  One must wonder if the ghost child simply is unaware of spirit helpers, due to being focused solely on the earthly realm.  Whatever the reasons may be, we can assure you that the spirits of the light are always there trying to reach lost children, and more than willing to work with those of us on Earth to help them.  Ghost children will try and gain our attention by movement of objects, hiding of items, making noises, whispering and speaking, dream visitations, and of course simply appearing.  Often times, their attempts are not understood and may be perceived as frightening, or simply disregarded for whatever reason. What is most amazing is that children seem to be able to perceive the ghost child better than adults many times.  In ghost investigations, often the children of the household will have seen the spirit, rather than the adults.  This could be that the children are more open-minded, and less conditioned to the world around them than adults, thus making them able to perceive spirits better; or maybe children seem more approachable to the child ghost.  This brings us to an interesting point on this topic.  Many times, children will have an invisible playmate for a season, but parents often never would consider that perhaps the child is playing with another child in spirit.  Child ghosts often still have a playful spirit, even though they find themselves lost.  Some ghosts of children are indeed attracted to the living, seeming to enjoy time spent interacting with a family that may or may not be their own.

Even though ghost children do exist, they are not to be feared.  In fact, we need to not only understand their current condition, but make attempts to communicate with them.  If we can help these little ones find their way home to family, friends and loved ones, then we have done a great service indeed.

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Below are pages of EVP (electronic voice phenomena) and ghost box recordings of ghost children:

Haunted Amusement Park EVP - A couple good responses from a young female ghost.
Strawberry Chapel EVP - faint response by a child.  You'll need headphones...
Mountaineer Ghosts EVP - Young boy answering, "They know."
Help Me EVP - You'll need headphones to hear this recording of probably a child's voice.
Haunted St. Augustine Lighthouse - Ghost box recordings.  Child's voice saying goodbye.

Watch and listen to an excellent video with ghost children EVPs on it.  You'll be stunned:
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