Ghost Adventures

Reality TV Review: Ghost AdventuresOur original debut, write-up for the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures...

Travel Channel debuts new ghost hunting adventure show. Is it Reality TV?
Debuting October, 2008, Ghost Adventures is being aired by the Travel Channel.  The TV show's website: Travel Channel Ghost Adventures.  Here's the Angels & Ghosts  review as written by T. K. Anderson:
"Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin  are the three guys you need to watch out for in the area of paranormal investigating.  From  apparitions, shadows, orbs, EVPs, to a flying brick in  their first documentary.   Their new series Ghost Adventures records them experiencing some of the same events as they did in their original film of 2007. By the way, their documentary won Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary which was awarded by the  New York  International Film & Video Festival.
In the first two shows of the season, we have heard voices, seen ectoplasm, shadow people, and Zak received unexplainable scratches on his back . These ghost adventurers are finding compelling evidence that there is paranormal activity around us.  Their reactions to what they are experiencing keeps us on the edge of our seats wondering what is in store for them next.  No camera men, or sound crew are needed it seems, for it appears like it's just three guys looking to investigate paranormal activity to find the truth in what they believe.  Each week they are locked within the buildings they are investigating, and not until dawn will the door be unlocked. This really is not your typical ghost investigation, and that is what sets it apart from the rest."

"If you love paranormal investigating or simply watching ghost investigations, be sure and check out Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel on Fridays at 9:00 pm (EST)."
Publisher's Note:
What started it all for this three man team was their pursuit of ghosts across the west as video recorded in their 2007 raw documentary of the same name, Ghost Adventures. In that original video that was filmed at the Goldfield Hotel, Zak and team were able to gain permission to investigate the abandoned, "ghost town-esque" hotel.

With a bit of luck, they were able to record some convincing paranormal evidence of a brick levitating, and then, thrown across a room. This evidence recorded at the purported haunted location has stood up against much scrutiny.