Lisa Williams: Life Among The Dead

Lisa Williams: Life Among the DeadOur review of Lisa William's hit television program from several years ago...

The new Lifetime TV show, Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead aired October 30, 2006. The Merv Griffin produced, Lifetime television show is about the work of the famed, bubbly British psychic who somehow has ended up in California. With her family in support, Lisa travels to her office and meetings with people who are looking for answers or have hauntings.

In the beginning of the show, we were reminded of famed psychic John Edward by the style of Lisa Williams questioning of two gentlemen on the street. As Lisa's show progressed however, we soon became huge fans, enjoying her cheerful personality. When Lisa Williams met with a lady who lost her husband in Iraq and was able to provide much more detail of the deceased than we have ever seen, we were on her band wagon for good. Life Among the Dead was very refreshing, because Lisa Williams looked less like a charlatan trying to guess answers and more like someone who was carrying on a conversation with a disembodied loved one. When she was able to meet with two ladies who had lost their mother and reveal how the death occurred (and even better - explain why it happened), her honesty really came through to the new psychic program's viewers.

The icing on the cake was when Lisa was summoned to a haunted hotel. Knowing nothing of the hotel's history, Lisa Williams accurately found the rooms where murders had occurred and proceeded to describe the tragic events quite accurately. Her insight into a nasty male ghost's attitude and activity were incredible, providing an understanding of why ghosts and hauntings might occur. She explained how the ghostly man needs to be helped to move on beyond his traumatic death.

Tune into Lisa Williams: Life Among The Dead on Lifetime and enjoy a refreshing psychic who communicates with ghosts and spirits.