Ghost Hunters International

Ghost Hunters InternationalOur original preseason write-up of the television show before it originally debuted back in 2008... 

A new spin-off from the popular Ghost Hunters TV show on SciFi will premier in January, 2008. It is called Ghost Hunters International. As the name implies, the ghost hunters team will head into bigger waters by investigating haunted locations on the International stage.

The new team of International ghost hunters is made up of TAPS investigators Brian Harnois, Donna LaCroix, Andy Andrews, Robb Demarest, along with Barry Fitzgerald who accompanied Jason and Grant in Ireland for ghost investigations. A newcomer, Shannon Sylvia, also joins the team as they embark to capture paranormal evidence in famously, world-reknown haunted locations. The billing seems to indicate this could be the best show yet!

It will be interesting to see the chemistry between this group, as the anchors of TAPS, Jason, Grant and Steve will not be journeying with our younger, maybe less experienced team of ghost hunters. This could make it very interesting, especially if Brian becomes un-nerved, as in his "Dude, run" episode. We can only guess family commitments and Steve's fear of flying kept the rest of the boys stateside.

The Ghost Hunters International show promises to still apply their scientific debunking practices to any and all potential paranormal evidence collected, while working their away across Europe. 800 year old Chillingham Castle in England will be the debut episode, according to the SciFi Ghost Hunters International website. It is highly regarded as one of the most haunted medieval fortresses in Europe. What evidence will they uncover?

We'll find out what they uncover Wednesday January 9th at 9 pm (EST).

A few years after the show aired, I was able to meet Robb Demarest at a paranormal conference. I found him down to earth and earnest about wanting to look at ghost investigation at a deeper level than the show he had formerly been on. He shared with me the story of recording voices of WWII ghosts asking for help while filming an episode in the Far East (Singapore?) and how this had bothered him. He recognized that ghost hunting needs to progress to the point of helping people on the other side of the grave - not just attempting to prove the paranormal exists. We couldn't agree more. - Louis Charles