X-Testers Paranormal ShowIn its infancy, Angels & Ghosts was able to refer people (who had sent in ghost pictures) to the production company (Mike Mathis Productions) for the show: X-Testers. X-Testers debuted in June 2006 on the The Learning Channel.

We found their TV show to be fun . While disproving false paranormal happenings, the X-Testers allowed the viewer to question other possibilities without ruling out the paranormal as also being a possibility.

Who were the X-Testers?
Magician Clark James and special effects artist Patrick Denver (Bob Denver of Gilligan fame's son) applied their skills as they traveled around re-creating paranormal events in an attempt to figure out what really happened. They went to the real places and met with the actual witnesses. And they did it with style. Airing in the states on TLC, and overseas on the Discovery Channel, the X-Testers brought new perspectives to the world of paranormal phenomena. It was a shame that it was short-lived.