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Gail and her friend John had posted this ghost picture on the Angels & Ghosts forum recently.  It is very intriguing and has sparked quite a discussion (which can be viewed here).  The following is Gail's comments about the ghost in the corner photograph:

"I had a photo emailed to me by my son, who took the photo while standing in my living room, then emailed it directly to me.  There is nothing in that corner other than the picture on the wall.

I took some more photos of that corner, but I don't see anything in them at all. Of course, I took these photos with my Sony Handycam and they show nothing but the wall/corner and the curtains, blinds and valance; the lighting is about the same as was present when my son used his cell phone to get the posted photo."

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This photo of a ghost in the corner is hard to explain away.  Some of the curtain and valance shadow could have caused the body, but how do we explain the head and hands?