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Common mis-spellings for ghosts and angels: angl, gost, gohst, anegl, angal, pic, pikture. Other languages: gast, geister, geist, engel, revenant, ange, fantasma, angelo, grabado, aparicion.
Pictures: bild, bilder, accettazione, dipinto, figure, image, imagen, ingreso. Apy
Real Ghost Pictures Gallery
Best Ghost Photos
Crazy good ghost photos sent to us in our early years...
Famous Ghost Photos
See some of the best known, real ghost pictures.
Best Ghost Pictures
See great phantasm images from 2008-2009.
Real Ghost Pictures
Our real ghost pictures are gathered from around the globe in an attempt to understand ghosts and haunting, paranormal phenomenon. At Angels & Ghosts, we feel there is no quicker way to gather a much larger catalog of ghost information than from submissions we receive from around the world.

The following images are just some of the thousands of real ghost pictures found within the
Angels & Ghosts' huge collection. We keep all submissions and website content free for all to view. Submissions we receive may be in the public domain or privately held and copyrighted.
Although some of the ghost pictures may appear disturbing, most of the photos represent humanity in some way. We have little doubt that some ghosts and spirits happily pose for the camera - maybe even to prove that life does indeed continue on after the death of one's body.

Whether you are looking for real ghost pictures to view for fun or research, we encourage you to take some time and not only explore the pages and pages of images but to also read the informational articles and stories. That way, you will be better equipped to understand haunting and ghost activity.

Think you photographed a real ghost or spirit? Send it to us by using the Submit Evidence link at the top of this page.
Ghost Lights Picture
Mysterious lights appeared in the hallway of this haunted house.
Gettysburg Apparition Picture
Window of a Gettysburg building reveals a ghost.
Ectoplasm Ghost Picture
Ecto cloud forms to the left of these children in an old family photo.
Cathedral Ectoplasm Ghost Picture
Ectoplasm forms in front of the church!
Spooky Hooded Ghost Photo
Black hooded grim reaper type figure appeared in car washing photo.
Basement Ghost Photo
Scary ghost picture of a face forming in a mist in this famous ghost pic.

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