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Can your iPod phone detect ghosts with the new Ghost Radar app? 
I was recently at a ghost investigation when a fellow investigator showed me the Ghost Radar app on her phone.  I must say that I was intrigued.  But, the questions began coming to my mind, "Can ghosts really manipulate our devices in order to be located, or is it simply happen-chance?"  "Are we detecting ghosts with the ghost radar devices or not?"

I remember about two years ago hearing of ghost radar devices being made in Japan.  It seems they have become quite a hit overseas in the Far East.  The ghost radar device that I recall making waves is known as the Baketan Ghost Detector and can be found on key chains and cell phone straps.  By pushing the Baketan ghost radar button, it begins searching for ghosts by blinking.  If it stops blinking, then no ghosts are present; but if it starts blinking red continously and buzzing, well look out!  Ghosts just might be present!

The Baketan ghost radar likely functions by detecting changes in energy fields - not necessarily something ghostly in nature.  However, this idea is not unlike the Ovilus from Digital Dowsing whereby changes in the environment causes the device to output electronic speech.  Is it ghost communication or the environment randomly producing the results?  The presence of ghosts does indeed appear to (at times) cause changes in electromagnetic frequencies, temperature, etc, but to declare all changes to be caused by ghosts would not be accurate.

The iPod Ghost Radar functions a bit differently and is intriguing, but just like its counterparts, not necessarily an accurate detector of ghosts being present.


iPod Ghost Radar

Still with all my skepticism made known, my friend and others claim to have some limited success with the iPod Ghost Radar app.  So, I thought it best to check into how this device actually works.  It is available for the iPhone, too.

The Ghost Radar uses readings from the iPod or iPhone sensors in order to measure changes in the Quantum Flux.  The sensor readings come in continually having slight changes. The iPod Ghost Radar is said to analyze them for strange behavior; watching for inordinary behavior and provides its own interpretation in a visual and audible display.

Again, we come back to whether changes in the Quantum Flux (an energy change in a given space) is always caused by ghosts - and the answer is no.  But, the idea is cool, fun and looks great on your phone!

Ghost Radar for your iPod or iPhone also has some neat features.  The sensitiviy,  scan frequency, threshold, impedance, capacitance, timeout, and even the read-out can be adjusted.   The radar also shows the strength of signal, and has a feature that supposedly will allow an intelligent ghost to communicate with you via scrolling letters beneath the radar screen.  The readings from your ghostly encounter can then be e-mailed to your inbox for later study and incorporation into investigation notes.  Quite a well-thought out and fun app!

A friend of mine, Kathy, was one of the first I know to begin experimenting with the iPod Ghost Radar app and here is her letter to me:

"Have you ever heard of this new gadget on the iPod called Ghost Radar? If you own an iPod, there is this download that you can put on it that is supposed to detect ghosts.

My son brought one over to me tonight.  He got it from his co-worker, and she let him use it for one day.  He brought this over for me to see, and needless to say, we had a great time with it.

The gadget is supposed to measure the frequencies around you or the area, and this thing is also supposed to detect movements.
The funny thing about it is it picks up certain words supposedly that the ghosts are speaking. It won't give you complete sentences, but it will give you like one or two words.
For instance, tonight we took the iPod over to my sister's trailer, which she lives here in my park. A tenant died in that trailer she lives in, and she has other ghosts in there besides the one we know of.  I grabbed a bottled water and then the word "water" came up on the screen, as if the ghost was repeating what I had grabbed. Then we sat outside to have a cigarette and talk. My sister, being the one with no manners at all, passed gas; and we all started laughing. Just as soon as she did that, three blips appeared on the screen meaning ghosts and then the word 'Cheese' appeared on the screen.  We busted up laughing even more, because the old term for passing gas is 'cutting the cheese.'
What I want to know is, 'Have you heard anything about this iPod gadget and does it really work?'
It will also keep logs of the different energies that show up, such as the higher the energy of the anomaly, a certain color will show on the screen - red being the highest. It also gives you a log of all the words that were picked up. It's the weirdest thing I have ever seen!  If this is the real deal, then I am placing an iPod-touch screen on my wish list for Christmas!  I have got to get one of these!

My son asked his co-worker about the download and she told him it's only an extra $5.00 for the ghost radar download.
Let me know if you heard anything about this iPod ghost radar, and if it would be worth spending the money to buy one."

You may be wondering where you can purchase the app for your iPhone or iPod.  Well, Apple iTunes is where you get it.  As of this writing, the application download was only $.99 - hardly an investment you might get hurt on.  Would I go out and buy an iPod or iPhone just for this app?  No way.

So, try it out.  Let us know what you think.  Does the iPod Ghost Radar seem to correspond with other ghost evidence collected?  If so, we want to hear about it...

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