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Pictures of Spirits
Pictures of Spirits: Spirits in Pictures?
This month we wanted to share some interesting pictures of spirits, at least what are believed
to be spirits within pictures, that continue to inspire many.

Most of the spirits in the following pictures are often credited with looking like "Jesus" or
"Christ." And we must admit, there are many similarities between these spirit photographs
and artistic illustrations found within Christendom. These images have been so ingrained
within the minds of those in Western society, that some may find it difficult to see anything but
a religious icon within these spirit photos.

We must mention that artistic renderings of
angels have also influenced our ideas about how
loving and guiding spirits must look to us. So, we
have included a couple photographs of cloud-like
angelic forms with wings. To learn more about
the influence of art, meaning when angels got
their wings, please see:
Angels in Early Christian
. One additional inclusion in these pictures of
spirits is a church service (or Mass?) where an
illumined being seems to be presiding along
side the one ministering!

Are they real spirits? You decide...
Pictures of Spirits: Woman in Woods Pictures of Spirits: Man in the Clouds Pictures of Spirits: Spirit Walking in a Cloud Pictures of Spirits: Church Service Spirit
       Woman in Woods                     Man in the Clouds                  Spirit Walking in Cloud              Church Service Spirit
Pictures of Spirits: Christ Shadow Spirit Pictures of Spirits: Angel on High
Help with Haunting: Helping Ghosts!
      Christ Shadow Spirit                     Angel on High?
Pictures of Spirits: Angel with Outstretched Arms Pictures of Spirits: Christ Walking on Clouds
Each month Angels & Ghosts publishes
pictures of
spirits sent to us by website
visitors, as well as other major angel images,
stories, articles and videos.
Spirit pictures
might be proof that angels...spirits exist!
  Outstretched Arms Angel        Christ Walking on Clouds
Pictures of Spirits
Every one of the spirit pictures above may be selected to learn more
about the photograph. It is our hope to teach the world that we are
not alone; we are all spirits having an experience within a physical
world. As always, however, it is up to the viewer to decide what they
choose to believe...
Angels & Ghosts!
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