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Michelle Spitler sent us her ghost picture and story of a shadow apparition that has appeared to her:

"My previous husband died eight years ago to cancer.  I am remarried now to my new husband of six years. He is a retired Chief in the Navy.
One night in November at 11:30 pm, I was cleaning our fish tank.  I felt like someone had just walked into the kitchen. The light in the kitchen was off, but the living room light was on, so it still lit up the kitchen.  I saw a shadow standing in the kitchen up against the counter.  I thought it was my husband Michael, so I said, 'What is the matter honey?  Could you not sleep?'  There was no response.  I focused and realized the shape of the body was not my husband.  At first, I thought someone had broken into the house.  Then when focused, I realized I recognized the silhouette: It was (my first husband) James.

I was filled with pure terror.  I jumped up to the couch behind me, covered my eyes and repeated out loud, 'Don't be scared.'  I stood up, peeked into the kitchen and he was gone.  I ran into the bedroom and woke up Michael.  I was hysterical.  Michael was very tired ,but he said, 'Don't worry honey.  If it was James, he will not hurt you.  He loved you.'  I had to call my parents in the middle of the night and wake them up.  It was very traumatic to me, affecting me till this day.  For months, I would get up extra early and take a shower while my husband was still here before work.  I am still afraid of walking into a dark room.

Two months later in January, Michael's parents came to visit our home for the first time from Missouri.  We were cooking in the kitchen, and I decided to take some pictures of their visit. When the pictures were developed, there was a shadow in the kitchen behind Michael's mother.  When my husband saw the photo he said, 'That was freaky.'  It made me feel good that someone else could see what I had seen, except when I saw James, he was more defined.  I could see his legs and arms, as if he was standing in the kitchen."

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A shadowy figure appears behind the mother-in-law.  Earthbound spirits often appear dark, as it represents their inner condition of being lost.  Shadow and darkness does not mean that a ghost wishes to harm another.

Close-up of the shadow of Michelle's former husband