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Scott Hartman of Pennsylvania sent us this creepy ghost picture of what looks like a hooded skeleton.  The problem is that Scott was photographing his wife's face, and this is the image that appeared:

"This is a photo I took of my wife as we enterd the spirited grove in Gettysburg.  You can see the top of my wife's head (her hair).  Honestly, I do not know what I have here, any suggestions?  This photo was taken on 11/1/08 it was a nice clear night, approx. 8:30 pm.  I was using an Olympus 820 stylus digital camera.  We were on a ghost tour in Gettysburg and I was taking pictures along the way and this is one of the pictures I took."

Spirited Grove Ghost Picture!

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This photo from the spirited grove is a mystery.  Scott says his wife was not wearing a hood, scarf, or hat.  If you look closely at the top, you can see her hair above the skeletal face.  Scott also sees what looks like a face to the right of the skull image.  It is just one crazy ghost picture, and one for which the distortion does not explain completely explain this frightening image.