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The Tantallon Castle Ghost Picture has raised quite a stir this Spring of 2009.  The Tantallon
Castle ghost photograph shows what appears to be a lady in period dress peering out the window of
the 15th century, ruined castle.
 The lady appears behind a grill, put in place for safety, over the
window.  It is an area open to the public and is quite high up.

Christopher Aitchison
is credited with capturing the Tantallon Castle ghost photograph on May 26th
2008.  In March 2009, he submitted the picture to ghost investigator Richard Wiseman.  Being
intrigued, Wiseman and others
began an investigation into the photo and also visited Tantallon
Castle in-person.  The possibility of sunlight casting some odd shadows was ruled out by Richard
Wiseman and investigators.
 They also had the photograph digitally examined by three different
experts and all of them concluded it has not been manipulated in a photo editing program.

Tantallon Castle' staff have also confirmed there were no employees dressed in period costume.  
They also explained they do not use dummies in period dress for display.  Christopher claims he did
not see anyone in the photograph while taking it.  So, how did the image of the lady appear in the
 The Tantallon Castle ghost picture has truly intrigued the imaginations of many.

Tantallon Castle is situated on the East Coast of Scotland, a few miles from North Berwick.

Below are two videos that document the Tantallon Castle Ghost Picture quite nicely...
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