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Angels & Higher Consciousness                                                             
To the reader of this angel article concerning higher consciousness, I wish to convey the idea
that angels do not have to be something external from humanity. Often, angels (messengers)
can simply be a metaphor for higher thoughts traveling through the heavens of our
elevated state of awareness.  

Higher consciousness is often described as being a developed state of mind, which is
improved or refined. I simply like to view higher consciousness as our higher self at work
healing our mind, enabling us to comprehend the truth of our existence. In other words, there
is an eternal truth that is unchanging, and all of us have different ideas of what that truth may
be; but our different perceptions will change and ultimately merge into one understanding as
we are able to comprehend more. Think of it as simply an awakening to something greater.
Angels & Our Perceptions
Many of us have heard of angels visiting people
in-person, often appearing as strangers. Angels
have also been encountered through visions and
dreams. Yet, our minds often perceive angels as
being something separate from ourselves -
other beings, if you will.

Although angels may indeed be entities that
come and speak to us, it is also possible that
we unwittingly produce some angels within our
mind in order to communicate with ourselves.
The core of our being may be crying out, asking
us to listen; but have we silenced its voice due to being too externally focused on things
taking place around us
? Within is our heart of true existence and a real loving guide through
life; for it is who we
truly are. It just may be that, at times, we may lose sight of our true self and
need a
messenger to reach us. That angel just may be another spirit, or perhaps even our
own higher conscience working to awaken us
from within our very being.  

It really is no concern whether
or not angels can originate from within us, or if they are only
external messengers; for all of us are connected to
one another and one energy we call spirit.
What is most important is the
message and our ability to hear it.

Angels, Allegories, & Enlightenment
To touch further upon the idea of angels and higher consciousness, I would like to first share a
parable from the Bible that we read was spoken by the man many know as “Jesus.”  A
parable is a simple story that conveys a hidden, enlightening message. The following verses
can be found in Matthew 13:40-43:

"As the weeds are pulled up and burned in the fire, so it will be at the end of the age. The
Son of Man will send out his angels, and they will weed out of his kingdom everything that
causes sin and all who do evil. They will throw them into the fiery furnace, where there will
be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom
of their Father. He who has ears, let him hear."

Upon first reading this, the above verse sounds quite frightening when taken literally. Please
remember, this is a parable. In order to understand this passage, we must first know where
the kingdom (mentioned two times) is located. Jesus is said to have proclaimed that
kingdom of God is within you.”
 Upon hearing the passage of the kingdom being cleansed,
one might initially become frightened if he or she believes the kingdom to be something
outward and physical. But, that is not what the hidden message of this teaching is expressing.

Within us there are two people; and metaphorically a war is ensuing between
the Devil and
his fallen angels and the angels of
the Divine. Many an artist, a movie or a book have
depicted such enemies as being external expressions of this inward truth, but these are
simply allegories for the battle that is waging within the mind of all of humanity. Although we
may view it happening individually, it is really happening corporately throughout humanity. All
of us are truly connected as “one” within the whole that we may call “God.”
The Devil is a metaphor that represents the ego within mankind that is focused outwardly, only capable of seeing
things as being disconnected and thus fearful. It is something false that we created and unwittingly empower.
Therefore, once we understand this, its reign within us is imminent. In contrast, the Divine Spirit which encompasses
all that is, including mankind and every living thing, is within everyone; and everything is within that source. Some may
call this “God,” while others might view it as being the life-giving energy – all that is and is real. However one wishes to
interpret it, the fact remains this eternal energy is you. You, me, and everyone are important pieces of it.
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Getting back to the parable I cited from Matthew 13, the real you, the
“Son of Man” is sending forth messengers (angels) of truth to vanquish
things false within
the kingdom – which represents our mind. The
message of truth is erasing the message of the false, like light shining
into darkness. The time of this process may temporarily be painful to
some, especially if we haven't a clue as to our spiritual being, having
built our lives only upon what the ego has falsely taught us to be true.
This is the fire, or trial of purification mentioned in the parable. Fire is a
metaphor for purification, healing; such a testing will come upon every
one's mind in order to undo false ideas about who we are and our
place within the whole that we deem as being
God. We will shine
brighter than the sun, as who we already are  – truly beings of light and
love – eternal spirits that are one spirit.
Through this process of enlightenment, it is important to note that our higher consciousness, the real you, the Son of
Man (as in the
parable), the eternal spirit, is at work within each and everyone in order to awaken us to the truth. This
higher consciousness is
who we are collectively and is enlightening and elevating the whole of humanity as one
being. One might say we are indeed rescuing ourselves, sending forth the messages we need to hear and creating
the scenarios we need to see in order to heal the
split-mind of humanity.  

My point for you to consider is this: We are the source of our
own angels no matter what form they may take, beings
of light
and truth. They are a part of us - nothing is disconnected though we may think so...
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