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Angels Live
Angels Live? Where Do Angels Live?
Angels live all around us. They exist in spirit as enlightened beings in our midst. Let's think about this:

"...that which is to be has already been."  (Ecclesiastes 3:15)

There is much that this quote from the Bible may reveal to us. I would like to share my exploration of
the realms of angels, how angels live, based upon this old Hebrew passage. Allow me to ask a
question: What if the things we see with our eyes already exist in the unseen? If the world around us
is only one plane of existence, who is to say there are not multiple planes or levels of higher
consciousness that we cannot see? And if multiple planes of existence are possible, allow me to
suggest that this world exists on at least two l
evels: One which we might call the spirit (invisible)
realm, and the other we call the earth (visible) realm. The invisible is within us and everywhere,
energizing all that is.
This is where angels live, a term I give to loving spirits who come from the light
(a higher level or world). These angels live and interact with us daily. Allow me to explain this a bit.

I would propose that when we are living our lives on the earth, we are also a
cting out our lives in the
unseen, spirit plane at the same time
. We interact within both worlds simultaneously. What we see
here, must also be true, to some extent, in the world which we do not yet see. This is where
enlightened beings we call
angels live among us. They are spirits, benevolent guides and observers.
If my theory is true, then, how we view or perceive life
can be elevated to a higher place of comprehension.
Our understanding can change for the better. If we
should raise our thinking in this world, then we
consequently are elevating it in the spirit, or a
t a higher
level of
energy. This unified energy comprises all that
truly e
xists: people, animals, plants, things, etc. Can we
even begin to grasp th
e implications of that idea in
regards to
eternity? Could our thoughts decide where
we find ourselves
within the various planes or levels of
existence? It's been said that we walk with angels
meaning what?
Angels have been depicted with wings
in order to convey their elevated or enlightened state.
"Neither can they die any more: for they are equal unto the angels and are the children of God, being
the children of the resurrection."  (Luke 20:36)

This passage is talking about human beings being changed and as angels. When we awaken to the
understanding of our eternal s
pirit, we are no longer dead to this truth but resurrected mentally. We
are "equal unto the angels" (
translated "angelic"), meaning we are enlightened and elevating in
- our awareness. Angels live...yes, around us; some are unseen and some seen.
Angels Live All Around US!
In the diagram at left, I make what may be my feeble attempt to
convey the earthly realm as being primarily in a state of
darkness or lack of understanding when we consider the
mind-set of those walking the earth.  Many are unaware of
their inner connection to everyone and everything. To
correspond with this physical idea, the energy or spirit realm
would have a place of darkness, also.  We would call this state
of mind "hell."

Let us view eternity as a spring, though such a picture is a bit
limiting.  We c
an see time as a series of events that unfold.  
What if the events wound 360 degrees and came back again,
but only elevated with respect to the enlightenment of the whole
of humanity?  Could this also be the meaning behind
which is to be has already been."
The trips of time bring
eternal understanding - knowledge of the truth of who we are!

In this scenario
, life would come back again and in a sense
repeat itself in order to accomplish a common goal:
enlightenment of the mass of mankind. All of us, being on a
journey, would be at different states of understanding, and
some of us would be
capable of reaching back and assisting
those who were behind us on the path. Those who do so,

angels (meaning messengers)
would use their understanding
to illuminate the road behind them f
or a higher consciousness
of mankind. In a sense, the past is brought full-circle to the
present. Life is about learning lessons. The angels live among
us in order to help guide and teach.

As mankind progresses, there will come a time, when time
itself will end. The lower levels of hell and darkness will no
Angels on t-shirts
longer prevail within the mind of humanity. At that time, we will awaken to the truth that this short
existence upon the earth were but a dream - at times, a nightmare compared to what we
now know.
Life is simply a journey.
Our trips upon the earth, the lower levels, have a purpose. Embrace them.

The h
uman journey is one of ever learning, ever perceiving the truth of our being and oneness with
each other. This ever-ascending, ever-expanding whole of
humanity - life, what some may call "God,"
reaches into the highest heavens of light and to no end.
It is the light that is ever expanding.

The experience of shared love, joy and peace w
ill only be magnified and expressed - shared. That is
the purpose of the angels, truly our realm of which we are journeying upward. Those in spirit around
us not only help us but learn from us, too. These angels in spirit live as part of us, experiencing what
they need to see and hear in order to continue to elevate. There c
an be no separation; angels are a
picture of the whole of humanity. Our journey of
oneness, exploration and knowledge that will never
cease. This is life. Where do angels live? Everywhere.

"...we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses."  (Hebrews 12:1)
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