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Dorsi Diaz from Fremont, California sent us this ghost video of what appears to
be a ghost silhouette moving in front of her camera phone.  Her video is also on
YouTube at

"I shot this video a couple weeks ago at a garden/estate down the street from me
that I often frequent.  I was waiting for my dog to come running around the
corner, to catch him on video...and when he didn't, I stopped the video.  After
viewing it, I noticed this strange haze on the right side that looked like a glowing
silhouette of a person's head and shoulders.  After this my son told me that the
place was supposedly haunted...that a little girl stands in the window of the
house.  I did find out that there was a ten year old girl that died there in the early
1900's.  The first time my sister in law went there, she also thought there was a
ghost at the window.  This was taken on my camera phone, with a video right
before and right after this that doesn't have this 'light' on it.  My phone has no
camera strap, and no one was smoking, and it was about 75 degrees this day.
Within half an hour of taking this video, I became very sick, sweating, weak and
nauseous and had to leave the park."
Ghost on Porch

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