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Hear Angels? Yes, you can hear angels!
Hear Angels?  Some may want to hear angels, while others wonder if we can hear
at all.  In this short article, I'll attempt to answer both questions.

Throughout history, various religions have taught that angels can be perceived by the five
senses. Such an experience of perceiving angels is known as "angelophany."  

Appearances of angels to mankind has been described in many different ways.  So to
hear angels is really only one way which angels may be experienced.
The meaning of the word "angel" is
"messenger."  In the Bible, an angel simply
denotes a person who brings a message,
whether with, or without a physical body.  It is
no surprise then, that for many centuries the
description of angels has varied and even
been debated by religions. Angels have been
seen within dreams and visions, often
described as looking human in appearance.  
Sometimes angels have been described as
wings, but often this was simply a way
to insure we understand that the messenger
was from a
higher place, namely spirit.
Angels, or spirit messengers, speak to us through thoughts.  Often, we do not recognize
their thoughts, for we deem them to be from ourselves.  Within every person occurs a
wonderful thing: higher messages of truth are resonating within the heart (or center) of
one's being.  Sometimes, we do not recognize this inner voice, but choose to ignore it by
following what our head is telling us is going on outside of ourselves.

hear angels better, or if you wonder, "How can I hear angels?" you must first learn
to meditate which means to quiet the mind.  Our mind races with thoughts of daily
activities, being very busy.  Meditation allows a person to relax, calm down and work to
silence the mundane thoughts that permeate our cranium.  With practice, relaxation of the
mind and body can be achieved.  By meditating, we disconnect from receiving information
externally.  This is the state one wants to get to in order to listen to the deepest part of our
being, Spirit.

As all of us are living lives accompanied by spirits, it is not a matter of
if we can hear, but
more a matter of
what will we hear from such messengers.  Spirits watch over our lives
and provide guidance and direction, much like a control tower does to an airplane.  Do
you want to receive the message?  Allow me to note that fear will not allow one to open up
to the messages coming from spirits.  Fear is always false, linked to the past and comes
from focusing our lives on external things.  By quieting the mind, we should somewhat be
silencing any fears.  Fear must be overcome to be able to listen better internally.

Angels, being enlightened spirit messengers, will share thoughts of truth expressed with
feelings of love, joy and peace.  So there is nothing to fear.  In addition to sharing
messages that enable us to understand truth, one may hear angels expressing a direction
for his or her life.  Often, our greatest desires are really just our life plan being revealed, or
more likely reiterated to us, in order to help us stay the course.  One might say that to
brings enlightenment - a revealing of what the individual needs to know.  And
knowing is better than believing, for knowledge is powerful.

Be encouraged that you can hear angels.  It's not something that's impossible, for you are
hearing them already.  One simply needs to discern the voice of spirits from the thoughts
we create on our own.  The path to knowledge (and to
hear angels) is never outside of
one's self, but always found within.

- LC

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