Hospital Ghost Visit

A frightening ghost visit that occurred while staying in a hospital...

from Jodi Burchett

A few years back I was emitted to the hospital because of severe stomach pains, and they wanted to keep an eye on me, as well as perform surgery.

I was drugged up on morphine and had come out of the operation and was in my room with the door closed. I felt very sleepy and extremely sick, and I stayed in the hospital overnight.
Hospital Visit: Ghost!
Not Asleep for Long

I slept all through the night until 1:03 in the morning when I heard distant screaming. I sat up, and I saw dark shadows running past the door on the outside. As I looked to my side, a man around 50 years old swept past me. I asked him who he was, and he yelled at me that we had to get out -- that we were in danger.

Something wasn't quite right and, then, the man started screaming at me. I was still very sleepy, and the drugs were still in my system; so whether I was hallucinating or not, I stumbled out of the bed and followed him. The corridors were different. People were everywhere, dark and sour. We followed everyone else and ran for the front doors, the stitches from my operation stretching. As we piled outside, a trail of fire followed us, and I remember being wrenched back, my stitches splitting, and I just fainted with the screams buzzing in my ears. 

I woke up later in the day while three nurses dabbed at my new stitches, and they explained that I had left the hospital and collapsed. I was escorted back to my room where I just watched the window. And when I looked to my other side, the man was standing next me, his face pale white. Then he just said, "Told you that you were in danger" and left.

Was he protecting me from a real fire? But why was nothing said about a fire when I woke up? I still wonder what happened...