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Hospital Ghosts: Accounts of Ghosts from Hospital Nurses

Ghost Mist From Around a Body at the Hospital                                 by Tracey Donnelly
I have a story told to me by a PSA (a hospital wardsman, or orderly) that was in the room at
the time. I'm a nurse. A woman had just passed away and two PSAs were asked to come
in and clean the room up for anticipated arrival of the family. As they were cleaning, one
PSA started to jump around in fright. When he was asked by the other orderly what was
wrong, he said, "Cant' you see it? Cant you see it?" as he was swiping at his legs. He,
then, ran out of the room. When asked later what had happened, he told the PSA that had
been working with him that a mist had come from near the body and was surrounding his
legs. The PSA who told me this said he couldn't see it, but he was sure something was
there because of the behavior of the other fellow. It shook the man up so much that he had
to have time off after this.
Ghost Legs at Hospital    by Tracey Donnelly
Staff and doctors told me a story while I was
working at the hospital. The security camera
was watching over the car park and back
entrance door to the small hospital. A nurse
had decided to look back on some video
surveillance for an unknown reason. The
security guard had been walking through the
car park when suddenly his German Shepherd
went crazy, barking at something in front of
him that the guard couldn't see. Upon viewing
the footage, the following is what was seen. A
bright orb descended from up high near some
trees, and came down toward the concrete of the car park. It then proceeded toward the
security guard. As it neared, it appeared to manifest as someone walking. The ghost
walked up to the guard, and then, stepped to the side of him and continued on past. This is
when the dog went crazy. As the entity got closer to the door, the legs could be very clearly
seen, walking and then disappearing. At the same time as the ghost on the security
footage, a patient had passed away at the hospital. When the security guard saw this film it
frightened him as he had witnessed his dog's behavior but never saw anything. This
footage became widely known at the hospital, and all the nurses and doctors swore it was
a ghost. When word reached the bigger hospital, doctors who were called in to see the
footage, were all in agreeance. When I was there, I had asked to see the clip; but I was told,
not long after this happened, that the hard drive with the footage on it was under a desk in
the nurses' station when someone accidentally kicked it and destroyed the hard drive (and
evidence). On speaking to many witnesses who had seen it, though, I was assured that it
did happen. They had seen it themselves and were convinced it was a ghost because of
the strange light and the legs seen quite clearly.

Nurse Investigates Hospital for Ghosts                                                  by Tracey Donnelly
A few weeks ago when working at another hospital in internal ambulance, I was told of
occurrences in a now unused section of the hospital. I was told of doors that use a swipe
card, opening by themselves at night. This was immediately checked to see if it was a
security guard, but no one was present. A physiotherapy ball that rolls by itself across the
floor has been sighted by a few people, and one driver claims that he saw the apparition of
a little girl up in the rafters. I happened to be working there one night and decided to do a
base reading with my EMF meter. Then during my break, I sat out in section where the
apparition had been seen. No unusual levels were detected with the base reading, and so I
sat the EMF meter on the table while I ate. Out of the corner of my eye , I saw the meter
flash up to the red a couple of times (I was using a K2 EMF meter). Then I moved it out into
the center of the floor. A few times during the course of my break, I saw the meter register
an EMF field which shouldn't be there as it was in the middle of a concrete floor. I am
beginning to suspect that something is in there now.

Hospital Visits and Ghosts                                                                        by Tracey Donnelly
I often get told about ghosts and paranormal experiences at four different hospitals, now,
as I am a casual nurse who travels to a couple of hospitals, working in different
departments. I know a lot of people in different places, and they know I am a paranormal
investigator. They joke around and call me "the ghost whisperer." It's funny how people say they don't really believe,
but then they all have something to tell you. I also work in mental health, so you got to be careful what you talk about
around psychiatrists; and it's definitely a no-no with patients.

I have heard nurses talk about buzzers going off in rooms with no patients and have actually witnessed this
happening, myself. One night in a ward, around Christmas, I had a buzzer go off three times in the same room; but
it wasn't the same buzzer. There were four beds, and three different buzzers went off. Ii couldn't figure it out. The
room was in darkness. After the first one went off, I checked them all to make sure they were all plugged in
securely. I had this gut feeling that “someone” was having a a little fun with me.

Hawaiian Ghosts at Hospitals                                                                                                by Kelly Ku'ulei Copeland
I have worked for two different hospital
s here on Oahu, Hawaii, and yes, there have been reports, stories and
sightings of ghosts, even unexplained after-death experiences made by both the hospital personnel and visitors.
Just like the government, administration prohibits the sharing of ghosts and paranormal experiences outside of the
unit, clinic or hospital for one simple reason: bad publicity. But, it happens and often. The sad thing about a person
passing is the fact that some still remain or never leave the earth. They remain earthbound, still searching...perhaps
for their body, family, or answers. May God bless the earthbound and those who live & work around them.
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