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Tracy sent us this very compelling ghost picture of four kids jumping on a trampoline.  However, it appears as though a fifth child is jumping on the trampoline with them.  Is this a ghost child?  You decide:

"(From the) day before Halloween 2008...9:30 PM.  Four kids of my niece's were jumping on the trampoline in the pitch dark.  The mom took a pic, not really expecting anything to come out since it was so dark.  When she went to review the photo, this is what she saw.  You can see three children in the middle of the picture: one sitting up and two lying down resting.  One other child is standing on the (left) railed side of the trampoline (but) he is covered by something that looks like an angel.  In the background, just above the three sitting on the trampoline, you can see and object that looks like it is skipping around.  Right behind that one you can see the dark figure - it even shadows out the fence.  Please tell me what you think, as her kids never saw anything and we are very interested to know."

Kids on a trampoline ghost picture...

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We do not have an explanation for the appearance of the child on the left - take a close look at his head behind the angel-like figure!

If you have kind thoughts or ideas you wish to share with Tracy, please e-mail her at:


We see a small child jumping, possibly a young boy.  The yellow outline helps reveal his figure more clearly.