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So, what are the psychic predictions for 2010?

2010 Psychic Predictions for 2010!



As is our annual tradition, we take a peek from around the web and gather some of the most interesting psychic predictions for 2010.

This year, let's get started with horoscope predictions for 2010.  You can view them courtesy of Astrology.com here: 2010 Horosocopes.

The Psychics & Mediums Network out of the United Kingdom is making some of the following interesting predictions for 2010:

1) A new way will be discovered to generate electricity out of water.  Hmmm.  O.K.

2) 2010 will see a rise in racist attacks and prejudices.

3) Britain pulls troops out of Afghanistan finally.

4) Iran ceases from developing nuclear weapons. Really?

5) Holistic healing becomes Obama's mantra for 2010.

6) Florida is ravaged by three hurricanes this year.

7) Gas prices spike high again.

Psychic Fred's 2010 Predictions
Fred Fassett has some of the following predictions for this year:

1) Accountability of government and business will become paramount.

2) People will want customer service over inconvenience.

3) More disturbances will occur in the financial sector due to economic manipulation by those behind the scenes in order to form a New World Order.

4) Economic woes will continue as insurance companies falter.

5) Strange weather patterns will continue, with some being disastrous.

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Sylvia Browne Predictions
Here are a few of her prognostications for 2010:

1) People will become ready to begin changing their former ways in order to address social issues.

2) In 2010, a rise in skin cancer will occur in children.

3) We will say goodbye to the common cold this year.

4) A President will be assassinated between now and 2020.



2010 Psychic Predictions
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Barbara Garcia Psychic Predictions for 2010
Ms. Garcia made many predictions, of which the following were intriguing to us:

1) The unemployment rate will drop by the third quarter of this year.
2) Over a 75% chance of this year becoming financially fantastic for many.

3) Real estate rebounds throughout 2010.

4) A California earthquake of major proportions will hit this year.

5) Unauthorized human cloning experiments are uncovered.

6) Environmentally friendly products become popular and plentiful this year.