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Angel Picture of the Month for December 2006!

Christy Stover sent us this amazing angel picture taken in the night sky.  It speaks for itself!

"This was taken in Montrose, Colorado during a photo contest. No one noticed the angel in the picture until
the developer asked how in the world she got it.  It was taken during a photo contest of the night stars about
ten years ago...  We have the originals also.  Some people can see it,  but it is very detailed down to the
jewels in her crown. You can see the eyes, nose, and mouth perfectly...the huge wings and even one of her
shoulders.  I am hoping you can see all of this -some people have stared at it for hours and still can't see it;
and others see it right away.  Maybe you can blow it up a bit to see it better.  I think this was captured for a
reason so people will believe. The woman who took it didn’t even know about it until she picked them up
from the developer.  He saw it immediately when he developed it."
night sky angel
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