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Angel Voices: Voices of Angels
In this article, we will explore ideas about angels, recording angel voices – the voices of
angels. To do this, we will need to first look closer at our definition of the word “angels.”

Angel Voices: Hearing Angels
Knowing that the word
angel means messenger, by definition, angels are invisible,
enlightened messengers in the unseen energy we call “spirit.” They are often people – spirits
who interact with other people on earth. I am not going to rule out other definitions for angels,
but this writing is about my interpretation of angels and angel voices.

In my experience, angelic voices can be recognized because they always come from a place
of no fear, spreading comforting messages of wisdom, love, joy and peace. I would also
propose that the voices of angels are not something that are typically heard audibly by most
people. Sometimes, angel voices may be heard through the physical ear, but often they are
recognized within a person as thoughts that are higher and not the product of one's own mind.
Read: Hear Angels) Angel voices are different from ghost voices. I consider the voices of
ghosts to be unenlightened, meaning their messages are based primarily upon fearful
interpretations of the world around them and of little depth. Voices of ghosts indicate that they
need help; voices of angels typically help the people who hear them.
Angel Voices: EVP and Brain Waves
Let's get a little more technical to see if there is
evidence to suggest that the voices of angels
could be some of what we are recording. The
electromagnetic spectrum is the range of known
frequencies of electromagnetic radiation:
wave-like forms of energy that include light and
sound. Human beings speak using word sounds
in the range of about 300 to 3500 Hz (Hertz).
Sounds below this are considered to be
inaudible to humans, meaning words cannot be
distinguished, but bass-like sounds of the voice
can still be heard. Speech below 300 Hz is
simply unrecognizable. Human hearing, however, covers the range of about 20-20,000 Hz, so
the ability to hear beyond the human voice range is present within most people.

Interestingly, most
EVP (electronic voice phenomenon), ghost and spirit (angel) voices that
are audio recorded, can fall all over the charts. The lowest frequency of recorded EVP (that I
have heard about) was said to be only about 20 Hz with the highest frequency of EVP being a
very high 22,000 Hz. That's quite a wide range for these mysterious voices to show up within.
Mysterious voices that are recorded below 300 Hz or above 3500 Hz are considered EVP
because they are outside the range of the human voice box to produce intelligible words! This
should make us wonder what these enigmatic voices are doing on our audio recorders if it is
impossible for them to be created by actual vocal cords..

Getting back to angel voices, where on the electromagnetic spectrum might the voices of
ghosts , in contrast to enlightened spirits, fall? Logically, the EVP of lost spirits should be
lower in frequency. I would think that EVP from enlightened messengers, angels, to be much
higher and faster than those of lower level spirits – ghosts. Looking at human brain waves, the
lower the frequency, such as Alpha (8-12 Hz), Theta (4-8 Hz) and Delta (1-4 Hz), the closer to
sleep the person is. Higher brain activity takes place in the Beta and Gamma brain waves (12-
26 Hz, 26-100Hz, respectively) and points to logic and intelligence. My point is to suggest that
EVP falls within known brain wave frequencies (and above), possibly indicating that
disembodied human voices must somehow be mentally produced by the ghosts or spirits
themselves. If so, where might these mental communications fall within the electromagnetic
spectrum? It would seem plausible that messages from ghosts and angels should be right
where we are recording our EVP, with higher frequencies possibly being messages from
enlightened spirits.

Angel Voices: Audio Recordings of Angels?
Initially when I worked to record my own EVP, my goal was to capture the voices of
disembodied human spirits in order to gain understanding of their condition. As my
experiments in communication progressed to include the utilization of a ghost box, the first messages I recorded
seemed much more enlightened than expected and not communications from ghosts. Many of these angel voices I
captured in my own home. I never felt like my home had resident angels, but rather that these spirits, who I could not
see, were ever with me. In other words, we are never truly alone. I had found that a plurality of benevolent spirits
(angels), who are not trapped on this plane of existence, come and go, observe, interact, and communicate with us.
Although we might remain unaware, people in spirit speak to us. You might also find it fascinating that there are
biblical accounts about such exchanges.

Angel Voices: Human Spirits Communicating in the Bible
The idea that wise human spirits are with us is not something I invented for the purpose of this article. There is
precedence of this found with the Christian New Testament. In fact, the account seems to be very important because
three disciples, Peter, James and John, were trusted enough for Jesus to reveal who he was communicating with on
the other side:

“...there appeared unto them Elijah with Moses; and they were talking with Jesus.” - Mark 9:4

Many people believe Jesus communicated directly with God (the eternal spirit); and I find nothing wrong with that
interpretation. The above passage from Mark would suggest, however, that perhaps we need to expand our definition
of God a little bit more to include humanity within the whole spirit (energy). You see, Moses and Elijah had both lived
and died many years before the time of Jesus, but they were not dead. We read they were talking to Jesus from the
other side of the grave. Maybe, “god” is just a word we use to attempt to define a complex, multidimensional,
multifaceted being who is much more vast than we are able to comprehend. Does your definition for God include
everyone and everything that exists? Mine certainly does, but how do we even attempt to imagine a notion so
incredible? Let's first attempt to wrap our mind around the idea that we, like God, are eternal beings.

Angel Voices: The Human Experience
Let us suppose that life never really ends. Let us also suppose that the human experience is really about learning and
growing out of a place of fear unto a place of knowing truth and peace. If true, could it be possible that we continue to
exist beyond death of the body, ever learning and experiencing life? This could mean that the consciousness or
awareness of the human spirit can be elevated, enlightened, when able to comprehend higher wisdom. I have
suspected for some time that a change of mind, from fear to peace, raises a soul from darkness to light – truth. I am
suggesting that as we become more aware, meaning comprehension of truth, the more we are able to understand.
And, if we are able to see life from a  higher perspective, then we are capable of helping others who are blinded by
false thinking and in a lower state of mind. Is this why there are voices of angels, to speak messages to others that
nurture positive growth? Can we become angels – messengers of truth? We should explore these ideas further.

There is a passage found within several gospels that seems to convey that we are born, we die, and then we are
reborn into this physical realm until we no longer need to do so. It's a cycle that apparently has a purpose. It continues
until it is no longer necessary. Should we be resurrected from the dead thinking – fears, false beliefs, then we have
elevated our thinking and the process of temporal birth and death, reincarnation, should come to an end:

“In time, there are those who deserve to rise from the dead, no longer marry, and no longer (live and) die; for they
are angelic, the children of God and of the resurrection.” - Luke 20:35

Could this biblical passage teach us about the origin of angels – enlightened (resurrected) people in spirit who have
graduated to a higher calling of assisting the whole of humanity in understanding truth? Could they be the angel
voices being heard by people in order to be freed? Listen for their messages and pay attention to what you hear. You
decide for yourself...
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