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Rafael Diaz has a great story and great angel picture.  Angel picture of the month for September 2005!

"Since we moved to our home in Live Oak Florida in August 2003.  We started to perceive a lot of strange things
happening in this house.  Every photo we took had a ball in the air - we were told that these were orbs.  We have taken
pictures that reflect angels and spirits in our home.  There have been times that we cannot take pictures inside the house
or in the back yard because of the orbs that appear in the pictures. People come and they get fascinated with this
occurrence. Other people have come to this house because they said that they could talk freely with their loved ones that
have passed. This happens a lot in our home. There’s another thing that tends to draw people to our home and that is the
kind of vision people have. They said that they see and talk freely with angels and the peace and love they experience in
this house is out of the normal. People like my cousin (who is a sceptic in these matters), has been convinced that there’s
a loving and caring being in this house (so he drives 4 hours time after time just to spend time in this home).  Since we live
in this house, we can (now) see the spirits of children and basically all kind of spirits of people that come to our home
before they go to the light. There is an Angel whose name is David that comes for the children. We do not fear these can you be afraid when you are sitting in your living room and all the sudden the image of the Virgin Mary
appears and speaks to you or persons in the room.  See, this is the first time that we decided to go public. We had
decided not to make this public; but after so many appearances, people have told us to share this with the whole
community. As you know we there is a concern of privacy. But we cannot any longer ignore the fact that this is happening
in our home."
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Original to
the left;
of two
Enhanced photo and close-up...
"you clearly can see the Angel David
coming for a small child - taken the 1st of
Jan. this year (2005) by a friend of ours.
Below: Picture of orbs with Edna on
her birthday.
"In photos taken in our home, you can see either spirits of small children, or the
angels that come for them.  We live in what is called a corridor, where people
from all over come when they got lost in the transition; especially children who
are scared, because they do not understand what has happened to them.  
There's no way to take a picture in this home, that an orb or a light; or a
spirit or an angelic being can be seen in the picture.  It is so common in this
house that people come; they say to gather peace when they are going through
a personal rough time."  
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