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Manuela of Italy sent us some interesting images that inspired her during the loss of her cat.  We have entitled these "Cat Spirit Pictures" because we want to ask the following question: Can we receive signs from spirit to comfort us during difficult times?  Manuela believes she has.  Here is her story and photos:

"I lost my cat one year ago.  I experienced very sad moments and  felt in a desperate mood, feeling badly about my pet loss.  During these periods I received some apparitions as a message of love and hope."

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A photo of Manuela's cat.

Below Left:
A misty photo of a cat face, followed by interesting shapes that reminded Manuela of her cat.  Can people and animals speak to us from the other side of the grave?

"I noticed these images, as if  my eyes were attracted to them. I was lucky to have my mobile available...

Maybe some of ther phenomena can be explained rationally as simple reflection of  light and shadow, but the most important thing is that they were noticed by me exactly when I desired to see my cat, missing the cat’s presence.  During these periods, I observed many objects having the shape of a cat.  I do not know if they represent something or not.  In any case, I felt better after these experiences." 
- Manuela

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