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Angel Picture of the Month for June 2006!
Melvin Sutherland from Peterborough, UK sent these super angel photos from a's amazing the
same anomaly appeared twice.  Both pictures having them the same shape and in the same area...

"I was in town and went to the cathedral.  I haven't been in there for almost a year, and thought it would be
nice just to go in.  At the time, I had my friend with me also.  I had my camera, and I wanted some photos of
me by the river...we went into the cathedral and looked around.  I felt near me a warmth that was
unexplainable -- if you know what I mean.  I looked around, but nothing.  The cathedral was "coldish," but
the warmth I had was different.  I got my cam out, and pointed it where the warmth was.  I took the pic just for
the fun of it.  I got back to my home and downloaded my photos by the river and two photos shocked me.  
Here are the photos I took where the warmth was."
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