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from Mandy

I moved to a new house and had always heard and felt stuff moving in the home.

When I go to bed I always see figures and bright lights in my door way - ever since
my grandfather passed away.  After he passed, I was at my grandmother's house
and was sitting on the couch...sad.  Then the sun came out (strange, as it was a
rainy day) and the front door opened.  I think that my grandpa left the house and went
to heaven when the door opened.  When I got up, my grandma's small, little
refrigerator in her room started making a loud noise.  It was shaking and we never
saw or heard it do that before!  Maybe, he was telling us he was OK.  

The family asked my grandpa to send us signs if he was with us, such as a sign of a
rainbow, butterfly, or a parrot...and they all came to us.  A long time ago, before he
died, I asked God to send a bright light in the sky if i was going to turn into an angel
when I get to heaven.  Then I saw a plane with a big bright  light on it pass by my

I really love my grandpa and I always pray to him.  I will continue to ask him to send
signs in our lives and to let us know he is in heaven.

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