Vanquishing Ghosts & Demons

vanquishing-ghosts-demons-book-082014zzI recently wrote a review for a new book that shares stories about dealing with dark entities. The book is entitled, “Vanquishing Ghosts and Demons.”

Ranging from ghosts to incubii, the book shares tale after tale about what author Sandrea Mosses encountered and how she and her team worked together to rid tormented victims of the spirit abuses suffered.

I must say I enjoyed the book even though I do not believe in the demonic (I tend to think we label things as “demons” in Western culture when something has “evil” intent. Demons in our culture are primarily based upon prominent Christian religious teachings whose creation can be traced back to origins hundreds of years after Jesus).

That said, this book is an interesting read and its author is experienced. Read my book review of Vanquishing Ghosts & Demons.

2 thoughts on “Vanquishing Ghosts & Demons”

  1. Hello, I’m just curious…why do you believe in angels but not demons? If demons are supposedly ‘fallen angels’ then doesn’t that make angels and demons two sides of the same coin, so to speak? Aside from the Christian aspect are there other religions and ancient societies that believe in both? I’m certainly not an expert or anything. I’m just curious. Thanks…and I love your website by the way! :)

  2. Thanks, Valkyrie, for sharing your thoughts!

    I personally view the terms “angels” and “demons” as labels we give to those on the other side who are human spirits in most cases.

    With demons, we can research the origins of Western beliefs, tracing them to their creation within the Christian religion hundreds of years past when Christ is said to have walked the earth. However, their use in the Bible, in my opinion, is within metaphors, symbols, that represent the darkness that each of us struggle with – something very human but alive. (Long story – I wrote quite a bit about this on the website.) I also know that evil in this world comes from mankind – so something must happen to those who have succumbed to the dark nature they are battling after their physical passing. These types of ghosts, though the exception, are often mislabeled as “demons.” Still, I do not claim to know all, but I suspect that those things we fear we will find, one day, we created and had control over the whole time. :)

    With angels, when you study them in the Bible, they tend to have human attributes, human names, and human descriptions. I see more and more evidence that points to loving, guiding spirits that are with us. Are they always human? I do not want to rule out the possibility of there being something beyond humanity, so I try to keep an open mind. But most often, what many believe are angels, to me, are the descriptions of powerful, enlightened, human spirits who are with us daily.

    – Louis

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