Do Ghosts Haunt Washington D.C. Sites?

When we think of ghosts and haunting, especially, where a disembodied person might want to perpetually visit, attractions come to mind. If you were a ghost, would you want to visit places you haven’t seen before? Perhaps. What about retracing steps to other earthly sites that hold fond memories? It would seem the possibilities could be endless, a real “ghosts on vacation” type of scenario. You could visit tourist sites, amusement parks, even the universe, maybe. I certainly might give that a go, for sure. And, think about this: you could visit the busy, tourist traps undetected and for free!

This month, we posted a particularly interesting ghost photo taken at the Lincoln Memorial (Lincoln Memorial Ghost). This ghost traveler did not go undetected. A  gray-ish man, wearing a hat or helmet, walked among visitors. Only the camera’s eye saw him, and now we can show him to you.

Whoever he is, I cannot help but wonder why he would be there.  Was he on vacation? Did the Washington D.C. ghost travel there with family or friends?  Or, does he continually hang around Lincoln’s seated statue, ever guarding it from vandals? One can only imagine the reasons why…

- Louis

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