Hydrogen Plant Angel Picture

Crystal McDonald from Alberta, Canada sent us this interesting angel picture and story. It is obvious that it has become a wonderful inspiration to her.

"The picture I am sending to you is an angel picture that I believe to be my Dad. This picture was taken four days after he passed away suddenly of a heart attack. The picture was taken at Syncrude Canada in the Hydrogen area where my Dad worked for 29 years. My Dad passed away on May 24th of this year - this picture was taken on May 28th. To me, it's quite an amazing looking picture."

What Made the Angel?
Is this a spirit of an angel? We don't know, to be honest. So, we explored other ideas as to how this incredible image might have been made, and we could only come up with two thoughts: smoke in the sky from the plant formed a cloud; or, a winged insect flying close to the lens of the camera appeared this odd way. No matter what caused the angel form to appear, we are forced to agree that to many, this photograph is an inspiring, hope-provoking sight.