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"I have an Angel story that confirmed to me that they really do exist.  

About 6 years ago my father had a heart attack and congestive heart failure, so he
had to have open heart surgery.  Well, the night before his surgery, I was lying in
bed with my husband and I closed my eyes and I said to my husband, "Do you know
how I see my Dad right now?"  And, he said, "How?"  And, I said "I see Angels all
around him!"  He said,"Don't think that way!"   I said, "No, it's a good thing; they are
happy and bright!"  

Well, I never told my father what I saw or anyone else for that matter, until after he
was home for about a month after his surgery. He didn't remember a lot of things
right away (the doctors said the medicines that they gave to him would cause him
not to remember some things, because it was such a traumatic experience for him).
Any way, we were talking one day on the phone and he started talking about the
Angels he saw around his bed the night before the surgery...and he said that they
were bright and happy.  I got chills all over my body and told him that I saw those
very same Angels that same night.  I still remember it like it was yesterday.
That day confirmed for me that God and the Angels were there with him. And that
our bond was so strong that they let me see too, that he was going to be okay."

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