Nurse's Aide Ghost Tales

A nurse's aide has ghost tales to tell...from a nursing home.

by Brittney

Nurse's Aide Ghost TalesI worked as a nurse's aide at a nursing home for two and a half years.

I will never forget the first time someone passed; as an aide we were required to prepare the deceased for transport to the funeral home. We cleaned, dressed and stayed with them until they arrived.

That first time was almost traumatizing. No one had told me about breaths being left in the chest and the deceased exhaling that breath as a result of moving their body. So I thought, "My goodness, he's alive!" Over time, your skin gets a little thicker, and it becomes not so much routine but common-place.

Stories of Room 109

I have seen people go calmly and others not so much. Take, for example, Room 109. We had an individual that was a rather negative person. He did some bad things so his family didn't rush to stay in touch. He cursed us - even hit us, but we loved him regardless as he had no one else.

When his time was drawing near, I knew he would go at any moment. We never let anyone go alone if we could possibly help it so I, along with three other aids, surrounded his bed and held his hands. It's common practice for one to twitch and contort, somewhat, from what I had seen, but I looked at my friend and down at her hand: this man was sqeezing her hand to the point it turned pale. His eyes fixed on the ceiling, and the last words that he said were, "No. I'm not going with you." We all were religious and knew what each other was thinking. We shook off the event and went about our job.

A young lady had a rather rough surgery and needed to rehab so she was admitted and put in that same room: 109. She was paralyzed from the neck down at the time. She was quiet and well mannered. Until she overcame her hurdle, we fed, clothed and did everything you could think of for her.

Late one night after we had gotten everyone showered and put to bed, the nurses and all the aids were at the nurses' station talking about the busy day we had. We heard someone shouting help so, of course, we sprung into action. One by one, frantically, we checked every room. Nothing. We could not find the source of the screams. So we kept a close watch and ear on the hall.

All of us were charting, sitting quietly when we heard a mysterious, loud crash that startled everyone. We jumped up and went toward the direction of the noise. We checked room 111...asleep. Room 110...asleep.. Then, we got to room 109 and, as we opened the door, items were being scooted across the floor. We flipped the light on and there were cookies, cards and everything else that had been on this lady's bedside table; all of it was scattered across the room. There was also water dripping down the walls from where her water pitcher had been moved with force. The blinds were up and crooked, and the lady was hyperventilating.

We started to clean up the mess and asked her what had happened. (We knew she had no part in it.) She could barely turn her head and had no use of her extremities. All she would say is, "Get me out of here." We were puzzled, scared and told her we would check if there was another room available immediately. She said, "No. Unlock my bed and roll me out into the hall right now." So upon her request, we did. Now please understand this occurred at 11pm at night, and it is a secured, locked facility. 

We put her in a room with another resident for the night and cleaned up the mess. Having had small paranormal occurrences before, we knew what happened but didn't say it out loud. This resident did about two weeks of therapy with us until her daughter came and signed her out to move her to another facility in another town. She told us it was not us and that the staff, food and accommodations were great; but her mother couldn't shake a feeling of doom and begged her to come get her.

Good and Evil in the Nursing Home

We always do a ceremony for people that leave so we sang the song, gave parting gifts to her and Sara and sat with her awhile, waiting on the ambulance for transport. She looked at Sara and me and sternly said, "You're young, you're happy. Leave here - your residents will understand." We were confused. She said, "I want to tell you what I saw that night." And so she did. 

The night of the incident, she heard a wicked chuckle coming from the bathroom, drawing closer to her. She opened her eyes and saw, in the corner by the window, a thin, frail, tall man. He had hollow black holes for eyes, and his teeth were like razors. She said he told her she's never leaving, spoken in a nursery rhyme kind of way. She had started praying and closed her eyes but could feel him breathing on her. At this point, she said she could feel his hot breath as he leaned down and whispered, "No one leaves this room." And she heard a crash as if things were being slung as he yelled, "Nobody! Nobody! Nobody!" She said that's when we entered the room. 

She told us there was a battle of good and evil in that facility and that it could ruin the most beautiful of things. She wished us well and off she went. We were scared obviously and knew exactly who was haunting that room. We've seen him in the window a few times while outside on break. Eventually, Sara and I both got a job offer with a company that offered us more so, reluctantly, we left the facility behind. But both of us agree we feel an almost magnetic pull to that place.

We experienced both good and evil there. We watched people go and the curtains flutter as if they were a breeze just passing through, and we have seen people go that were begging for mercy and forgiveness. I know and can stand behind the belief 101% that there is existence after our passing.