Patient Sees Spirits

A Patient's Vision Before He Passed On
by Elaine Haakenson

I am an RN nurse and have taken care of several patients before they passed on. The scariest story is about a nice elderly man at a nursing home. His health started to decline, so we knew he would pass away within a week or so. I was working the night shift, and I walked into his room when he was talking away.

So I asked him, "Who are you talking to?"

He pointed to the end of his bed and said, " I am talking to those people over there."

I told him there was no-one there, and he turned and gave me a funny look.

The next night shift I worked there, I walked into his room and he pointed to the end of his bed and said, "Look at that cage with snakes in it." I told him that there was nothing there, and again, he gave me a funny look.

Another night I walked into his room. He was watching me walk in, but he was looking at something behind me. He asked me, "Is that a real dog with you or a stuffed animal?" I was freaked. When he said that, I stopped dead in my tracks and slowly turned my head to look over my shoulder, not knowing what I was going to see. Thank God nothing was there! Again, I told him nothing was there, and he gave me that same confused look.

The next morning, I was giving report to the day shift nurse and I told her, "I don't think Mr. B. is going to the good place." She asked me why I said that, and I told her that he keeps seeing snakes and dogs. I had taken care of a guy that tried to commit suicide, but he lived. And he had told me that while they had been working on him, trying to revive him, that he had been in a pit of snakes.

So the next time I came in to work, the day shift nurse told me, "Elaine, I think you are right about Mr. B!"

"Why?" I asked her.

She told me that his daughter and family had come into see him before he passed away and the day shift nurse had told his daughter that we nurses really liked her dad -- that he was a really sweet man. The daughter got upset and told the nurse, "That man in that room physically and verbally abused my mom and all of us kids the whole time we were growing up!"

So apparently Mr. B. was not a good person when he was younger, and before he died, he was seeing dogs and snakes!