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by Connie

About three weeks ago, I was outside and looking at the clouds...hoping to see an
angel.  I have prayed for this several times before.  I have always been fascinated
with angels, and I truly believe in God and all of His power and blessings. This
particular day I was hoping to see one.  I finally gave up and thought to myself that I
was not special enough to see an angel, or God wanted me to fix some things in my
life before he would allow me to witness such a blessing.  Just as I gave up, I looked
up one more time: the clouds were moving fast over the sun and I saw a perfectly
round rainbow circle from beyond one of the clouds.  It was not an arc.  I looked up
again, and it was gone.  I starting crying.  I don't know why I was crying, but I was
literally sobbing.  I cried all the way up the stairs to my apartment.  When I got inside,
my sobs stopped almost immediately as they had started.  Was this an angel or
God himself?  I smile every day now because I have proof that the God I serve is
really listening and loving me...

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