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This angel photograph was taken in 1996 by a newspaper photographer in Hinesville, Georgia.  It
was taken in color during a storm, while the photographer was trying to get lightning shots.

UPDATE:  This angel apparently was seen and photographed by more than one person in Georgia
back in 1996.  We received the photo on the right taken by Shelley M.  Her angel picture is on the
right and is different than the others.  Here is her story:

"I found it incredible that on this particular day I decided to send a picture of what I call 'My Angel,'
taken in 1996 in Georgia while on vacation. I was on vacation after a long illness, and was
re-cooperating with relatives. Taking pictures of my surroundings, something compelled me to look
up into the sky and take a photograph.  It wasn't until later after development that I noticed the angel.
 I have since kept it in a frame, next to my bed believing it protected me from becoming ill,
again...which surprisingly, I haven't.  When browsing around your site, in regard I found the same
picture...which shocked me. After closer examination of the photo on the computer and mine, my
daughter and I came to the conclusion that the photos are revealing the same angel, but were taken
at different times. In our picture the sky is lighter and some of the clouds form different patterns.

I also noticed that the one picture reveals peach hands and face. Who or what is this mysterious
angel...appearing from the sky during a lightning storm...and helping me in my desperate time of
need. Was she/he sent to help just me, or others too?"
UPDATE:  We received this e-mail in April 2005...

Hi, I’m Adam from San Antonio.  This is in reference to the angel in the picture on your site
(specific page=  I was surprised to
find a picture of the angel I’ve been carrying in my wallet for about 10 or so years now!  I have a
completely different story for you.  My picture is identical of the one “lower left hand corner”.  I
have an explanation of why this angel is in three separate pictures, which are too close to
identical to be “from different places on the ground looking up at the sky.”  There’s no way.  
Granted I don’t have hard evidence…I have a duplicate of the developed picture (I think).  I
received the picture from my aunt sooo many years ago, who said her friend took the picture from
the window of an airplane and the whole plane saw it.  This would explain the slightly different
angles of sight with slightly different cloud patterns and slightly different angels, and the
numerous pictures.

UPDATE: Sharon sent us yet another version of this angel, taken from Florida!

"Hi, I'm Sharon from Billerica.  I emailed you a week ago about the Angel in the Sky picture I have.  
You asked me to email it to you - so here it is.  The picture was taken in 1996 in Florida by a
friend of mine."
angel in the sky photograph
Update:  This picture has impacted many lives...
"My hands are shaking as I type this. The picture mentioned in the subject line is an EXACT
copy of a picture taken after my Great Aunt's funeral by her grandson and his friend from the
balcony of the friend's apartment. It was January of 1996 in Lincoln, Nebraska.  She had always
told her grandson to look to the clouds, because you never know what you will see there.  The
two didn't realize what they had gotten a picture of until the film was developed.  I have the
picture in a frame in my dining room.  Guess those non-believers would have a tough time
explaining that one, eh?"   
 -  Lori

Update: The following real angel in the sky picture was sent to us in July 2006.  Here is the
latest comment:

"This picture was taken in Mendenhall, Mississippi at the cemetery of the burial of John L.
Sullivan (1994_.  I have the negative."
real angel in the sky
Update:  Matt sent us his version of the picture and story:

"I too, have a picture of the angel the other people have.  My aunt gave me a copy.  She got it
from a guy at church who had a sick wife.  The wife told him to take a pic of the sky, and died
shortly after.  I'm near Toronto, though."
angel in the sky angel picture
Update:  Denise sent us this picture of the sky angel in July 2006, as well.

"Well, here is that angel again this time I got this one from my aunt this one was taken in
4-20-1995 at the Oklahoma bombing again the back ground is different.  This photo was put in
the Oklahoma City newspaper.  I think if anything it is a message that we are never alone and
we defiantly never die alone.  This picture and this angel is a mystery."
angel in the sky picture
Update: "...I noticed that in the left corner of every picture, you can see a face in the
clouds...half of it is hidden, but you can see an eye.  I don't know if anyone else noticed
it.  It looks a bit like Jesus looking straight at you."   -

" left, I could see all kind of faces of a man, animals and women.  I could even see
an angels face.  You can zoom in on different areas of the pictures, and see even more
faces.  In the top of the picture near the clouds is a little creature...I am not sure what it
- Nancy J.
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