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Enjoy reading angels stories about rescue & help as sent to  Angels & Ghosts.

Angel stories telling of help or even rescue have existed for thousands of years.  One example is of the apostle Peter being rescued from prison in the Book of Acts.  Rescue and help angel stories seem to point to the idea that all of us have benevolant spirits watching over angels, if you will.

Rescue & Help Angel Stories

Rescue Angel Story
Angel rescue by two flying angels!

Babys Angel Story
Angel was helping baby to get well.

Family Helping Angel Story
She was told to get out before the basement collapsed!

Angel Rescue Angel Story
Rescuing angel possibly prevents a drowning by giving help...

Angelic Intervention Angel Story
Her mother found help during sickness.

Angels Saved My Life Angel Story
Several incidents...must have had help.

Rescue & Help Angel Stories

Angel Help Story
Help from angels gets a 2 year old home.

Two Strange Angel Stories
Did angels help?  You decide...

Auto Accident Angel Story
Angel rescue perhaps...voice heard.

Saw Accident Angel Story
Who knew and called help?  No phones...

Maggie's Angel Story
Did angels help with healing?

The Man Who Shot Himself
Angel story of the miraculous kind!

Awakening Angels Story
Angels in a car rescuue them...

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"What made an angel help me?"

That is the question many ask themselves after being rescued or aided by angels.  Many times, those who were provided help from angels simply thought another, normal human being was providing assistance.  Other times, the person being helped knows that a being of light was there for them in their time of need. 

What's most surprising is that these angel stories of rescue and help truly demonstrate that spirit beings exist around all of us who truly care about our well-being.  How much do they see?  What are the limits of their power?  Good questions to try and find answers to...

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