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Ghost hunters video can now be recorded by almost anyone, as they are now affordable and
newer video cameras have the ability to film in the dark.  So, this new wave of video
recorders have become a powerful tool for new era ghost hunters.  Video has given ghost
hunters a powerful witness, not only to the haunting, but also to map out a site, record
mistakes (often confused as ghostly activity), and to people's reactions to natural, as well as
ghostly phenomena.  The latest video cameras record digitally onto a cd, mini-cd, or built-in
hard drive.  Digital video recorders are easier to upload to one's computer for viewing and

Video camera are easy to use, and there are no real pitfalls to using them.  Make sure the
video recorder's settings are proper for night video photography, and bring extra tapes (if
not a digital video recorder), and an extra, recently charged battery.

Ghost hunters should use several video cameras during an investigation, so different
sections of a haunted location can be monitored.  Ghost hunters video has been known to
capture ghost videos of moving orbs, ghostly mists, dark shadows, apparitions, and even
inanimate objects moving on their own.  Videos are a quick way to eliminate human error or
deception, when something moves on its own in front of the video camera.  

The down side, but sometimes exciting part of using video cameras, is going through the
myriads of video carefully.  Some sections you will want to watch over and over to figure out
what was going on.  Of course, good editing software is a must, so one can pull out the
sections with ghostly activity, and enhance if necessary.

The following are some
ghost videos to examine:

Apparition Ghost Video from Gettysburg
2) Apparition Ghost Video from a Prison
3) Real Ghost Video from a School
4) Orb Ghost Video Animation
5) Orb Video
6) Moving Door Ghost Video
7) Black Ectoplasm Ghost Video
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