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Flying Ghost Props:

Floating Ghost Prop
Floating Ghost Prop 2
Flying Ghost Prop
Glowing Ghost Prop
Flying Ghosts Prop
Make Your Own Ghost Props!
For Halloween, many want to deck out their yards with props of ghosts. But why not spruce up those ghost props by going a bit higher tech? The following videos of ghost props show you just how to do it yourself, making some really spooky ghosts that will haunt those who see them. In most of the clips, enough is revealed to show you how to make your own ghost props come alive!

Projection Ghost Props:
Hollographic Ghost Prop
Graveyard Ghost Prop
Window Ghost Prop
Screened Ghost Prop
Pepper's Ghost Prop
Ghost Props Xtra:
Haunted Mansion Singing Heads
Right: Ghost prop called the flying crank ghost floating demo...
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