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Cursed Ghosts! Can Ghosts Bring About Curses?

Posted by Administrator on July 13, 2013

James Dean and his Porsche Spyder. Was it cursed?A new article hit the Angels & Ghosts website, today: Ghost Curses.

We wanted to explore the idea of curses and ghost behavior. In other words, what can ghosts do behind the scenes to influence the lives of people living on earth? Can they bring about revenge? We look at a few famous examples as well as lend some thought behind the idea of the “ghost curse,” basing the info upon what we have learned about spirit behavior over the years.

On a side note, Understanding Darkness and Light is an old article that has been updated. It explores the idea that the condition of a person’s soul stays with them through death and can be seen, visibly, as either dark or light.

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