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This haunted house video is from Sean Dudley of Friendly Ghosts.  The following
is Sean's comments regarding the orb ghost video. The first is the full speed
version, and the second is slowed down 1/4 of the speed:

" is a ball of light that shoots into the room, stops, drifts up and to the right and
then shoots back out of the room.  I had the camera set up on a tripod and the
door to the room was shut.  No windows were open, the ceiling fan in the room
was not on and the house didn't even have air conditioning, so no breeze from
that.  It is estimated that the ball of light is traveling at about 42 mph.  That is
much faster than any small bugs can fly, and for dust to travel that fast would
require a 42 mph wind (and dust can't just abruptly stop, turn around, and go
back the way it came without a lot of different breezes going on, and the room
was dead still.)  The ball seems to also be emitting its own light.  This video was
shot at a very haunted house in Rogersville, TN."
Orb Moving

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Orb Slow

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