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Ghost Places: Where to Find Ghosts!
Ghost Places: Best Places to Find Ghosts
Sometimes when people first get interested in ghost investigation, they wonder what
places may be the best to find ghosts. The reality is that ghosts may be found anywhere;
there are no rules or boundaries a disembodied soul must adhere to. It's really the choice
and preference of each ghost. Ghosts may hang around whatever, whomever or wherever
they please. The choice could be one of comfort or opportunity, depending upon what
drives the mind of the earthbound spirit.

That said, we tried to make a short list of some places that present the best possibilities
for encountering ghosts. Keeping in mind that ghosts may follow a person for any reason
imaginable, let's take a look at some places that people have witnessed ghost activity –
haunting. Let's assume ghosts are dwelling there. Some of these places are not surprising:

1) Hospitals – These places are commonly haunted by ghosts. They may be the spirits
people who have passed and are disoriented, resident ghosts of doctors and nurses who
are still practicing, or the victims of tragic and sudden deaths who are looking for
assistance by emergency personnel.

2) Nursing Homes – Sad to say, “rest homes” are often viewed as places full of people
waiting to die. Need we say more? Care facilities often experience ghosts of patients seen
wandering the halls.

3) Mental Health Facilities – Ghosts of the mentally traumatized sometimes choose to
remain behind. Our experiments with recording the voices of ghosts at these hospitals
have yielded plenty of results. These places are notoriously haunted.

4) Churches – Yes, we said it: churches. Religious places, including synagogues,
churches, sacred sites, etc are often home to resident ghosts looking for direction. It is
especially so for those who have fearfully been told they will end up in either a heaven or a
hell after passing. Some ghosts are looking for forgiveness; others for heaven. Others fear
eternal punishment. We have recorded ghosts pleading for help outside church doors.

5) Cemeteries – We know. We know. It has been said, “Why would ghosts want to stay at
places that are uninviting such as graveyards? Many people have accounts of haunting
experiences that took place at burial sites. Some ghosts may be protective of their graves;
others might find it a peaceful place to wander. It's possible that there are ghosts who are
awaiting the resurrection of their former bodies (that will not happen). We are not sure, but
we have recorded the voices of ghosts in these hallowed places too.

6) Prisons – Tragedy, murder, punishment, fighting, pain, suffering and more has taken
place inside the walls of penitentiaries. There have been numerous ghostly sightings and
encounters behind the bars of active and abandoned reformatories and jails.

7) Police Stations - While we are mentioning prison cells, we best not forget police
departments. It has been said that ghosts looking for their murderers to be caught or for
their bodies to be found will often try to get messages through to officers of the law. Police
stations are not the only public service places visited by ghosts. For some reason, fire
stations also seem to have their fair share of haunting.

8) Battlegrounds – Place of tragedy, high mortality and trauma are often haunted by the
ghosts who suffered there (and still suffer there). These ghosts seem trapped in time,
seeking an end of some sort to their emotional pain.

9) Orphanages – Stories of ghost children are said to have been sighted in many a
orphanage. It's possible that some children passed while residing at these homes,
especially if now abandoned. It is also possible for ghosts of children who find orphanages
that are active to be drawn toward the possibility of interacting with other children.

10) Theaters/Movie Lots – These places are often beloved places of energy, bustling
with stories played out on stage and screen. Ghosts of former actors, directors and people
who worked behind the stages and sets seem to love the atmosphere. The ghosts of
spectators have also been sighted at these places. They, too, apparently love the
environment. We guess for some, the show must go on!

Ghost Places: Places Rumored to be Haunted by Ghosts
Some will say that ghosts cannot manifest without people around them. It is theorized that
the disembodied spirits need other human energy to be able to gain enough power to
become active. However, this does not explain the innumerable sightings of ghosts
witnessed by multiple people at abandoned buildings and grounds, etc. Obviously, sites
that have a history of tragedy present a good chance for haunting. The following places to
look for ghosts receive our “honorable mention,” with a couple of them only being rumored
as potential hot spots:

11) Railroad Yards – Danger lurks with silent but deadly trains slowly moving.
12) Shipyards – Tragic accidents from the past...
13) Restaurants – Sometimes a favorite of people coupled with lots of history...
14) Bars & Taverns – Some ghosts still wish to experience their vices...
15) Antique Stores – Emotional attachments to things considered important...
16) Apartment Buildings – Lives formerly lived...
17) Older Ships – Some ghosts still sail, it is said... See: Ghost Ships
18) Sports Arenas – High energy and the thrill of the game some say...
19) Airports / Bus Stations – Traveling specters? Hmm...
20) Courtrooms / Court Houses – Great place to eavesdrop or try and get a word to
someone important, like a judge...
21) Dentist Offices – Rumor has it but why?
22) Parks – Beautiful scenery, these places inspire and bring peace to some ghosts...

We found this article difficult to write. After all, most ghosts probably hang out with family, or
friends, in the places they formerly lived, worked and loved. People, being different, have
various likes and dislikes. Who can really know what motivates every soul to do what they
choose to do? Can there be a formula to figuring out the mind of specters that is 100%

On second thought, maybe we should be investigating places much closer to home...
Angels & Ghosts!
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