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Some ghost hunters wear jewelry called charms because they believe the charms provide
protection; because it is enchanted jewelry and charmed with powerful spells - which
some believe make it an effective weapon against harmful spirits - ghosts.  An example
of a piece of common charm jewelry might be a crucifix - a cross.  I believe the object only
is powerful to the mind that believes in its power.
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1. A magical figure cut or engraved under certain superstitious observances, to which wonderful
effects are ascribed: the seal, figure, character, or image, engraved on wood, stone, or on a
metal corresponding to the image in order to receive its influence.

2. Something that produces extraordinary effects, especially in averting or repelling evil; an
amulet; a charm; as, a talisman to avert diseases.

A small ornament, such as one worn on a bracelet.
An item worn for its supposed magical benefit, as in warding off evil; an amulet.
An action or formula thought to have magical power.
The chanting of a magic word or verse; incantation.
[Middle English charme, magic spell, from Old French, from Latin carmen, incantation. See kan-
in Indo-European Roots.]
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