Cunningham Run Settlement EVP

Polly Gear of Mountaineer Ghosts sent us this electronic voice phenomena captured at the Cunningham Run Settlement in West Virginia. Use headphones, and you'll hear a mysterious, raspy voice repeat the topic of the conversation:

EVP - "White people"

There is a monument dedicated to the Cunningham family. Thomas Cunningham had settled the area in the mid-1700's. He lived in a cabin with his wife Phoebe and their four children. One day Thomas had left the cabin to hunt, and Indians attacked his wife and children. They immediately killed her children, and took Phoebe captive- (apparently, a few days after her capture, she managed to escape them and return - telling her story.

In this EVP, we are sitting on the spot where the cabin had been located, I am talking with my friend's little boy about the Indians. The little boy was saying, "It would be a wicked fight between the Indians and white people," and I agreed with him. Listen to the very end. You can clearly hear a raspy voice say, 'white people.'