Electronic Voice Phenomena: Firehouse EVP

Polly Gear of Mountaineer Ghosts  sent us some electronic voice phenomena captured at a haunted firehouse (fire station) in West Virginia.  You will need headphones, as the voices are faint, but distinctly say what Polly has referenced for us:
Firehouse EVP - "Tom"

"I wanted to send you a couple of evp from the local fire house we have been investigating.  In the first one, you will hear my friend's camera flash and then what sounds like an old man ask, 'Tom?'"
Firehouse EVP - "No.  I already did it."

You hear me say, 'Let us see your spirit light;' then the EVP.  A male says, 'No!  I already did it.'" (This is creepy, because there were only two women there- me and my friend, Rose.)