Electronic Voice Phenomena: Jason's EVP

Jason sent us some Gettysburg electronic voice phenomena, or EVP, for short. The haunted battlefield is known to be a haven of ghostly activity which can be captured by various forms of ITC. Check out these EVP and see if you still want to visit Gettysburg! (Ghost picture of a possible mist taken by Peggy and Jason at Gettysburg's Sach's Bridge.)

EVP - Reply to How Many Soldiers are Here?

"Here is one EVP from Gettysburg. We asked how many soldiers are here, and got this (reply). I listened and it sounds like 'far too deep.' I thought it was one hundred fifty, but...you listen and decide. What do you hear?" - Jason (Use headphones to hear this outstanding EVP recording.)
EVP - Gettysburg Ghost Horse Trotting

"This EVP is what sounds like a horse trotting; it was also captured at Gettysburg. The digital voice recorder is attached to my arm and never touches anything, so there isn't any disturbance. It's complete silence, then you hear it (the horse trotting sound)." - Jason